Refund or Exchange

Company Policy 

RETURN exchange

General:All returns must be postmarked no later than 30 days from the original customer shipment date.Returns and exchanges must be in new condition and include original product packaging.Customer pays return shipping charges.

Incorrect Item Received:No extra charge.woldorf will replace incorrect items.woldorf will pay retuned and second shipping charges.

Customer Order Error:Incorrect customer orders can be exchanged for any woldorf item.Customer pays shipping charges.

Return For Credit:Returned item must be shipped via UPS prepaid or via postal priority mail to woldorf within 30 days of original customer shipment date.Returned items must be in new condition and include all original packaging.Customer pays 5% restocking fee.Credit will be issued to the original purchaser’s credit card o nly.

Closeouts:No refunds o n closeout items.Exchanges subject to availability.Customer pays shipping charges

promotions & discounts: we don’t offer any discount o n previous purchases, all the promotions are valid for 30days o nly, we send them by mail and after getting the promotion codes ,we offer them then , normally o ne promotion can be used for o ne time o nly, unless sales person authorize that again in that period of time. we don’t offer combine discounts. o nline discounts are valid for o­nline customers only.

pvt label orders: (NO REFUND) we don’t offer  return or exchange, or refund o n any pvt label or special orders,which we import specialy for you from overseas,  unlesss there is a major manufacturing fault in the products quality. (if any manufacturing fault issue found we will replace the item with correct manufacturing as per customer requirment. we get all the pvt label products get approved from customer, by the time they place an order. customers can’t change their mind ,onec they give us the art work, we just follow up what they provide us. all the terms and condition such as logo setup charges, label surcharges, turn around ,prices etc can o nly be finallized by the time customer place an order.

Free Samples
we don’t offer any free samples to any new customer. All new customer who wants to check our quality products must buy the samples from us, with any reason if customer don’t like our products they can return or exchange the samples within 30 days, we will not charge 5% restocking fees to them and plus there shipping charges will also return to them.  if you are going to buy in bulk quantity and purchased the samples from us, once you place the order in bulk volume we will return samples cost plus the shipping charges to you. 

Caution: it’s the responsibility of the buyer and not WOLDORF USA, to Ascertain and obey all local laws applicable to the self defense items, weapons, sword and security devices purchased. It is the responsibility of the buyer, and not the seller, to ascertain and obey, all applicable local, state and federal laws (the laws in you country if you are out side of the us) in regard to the possession, and use of any item from our catalogue. Consult your local and state laws before ordering if you are in doubt, the buyer Represent that the products ordered will be used in lawful manner and that He/She is of legal age to purchase these products. You should check with your state Attorney General office atoascertial if the product you are buying is legal to own.

How to place an order: you can place an order at our wholesale website , call us at toll free 1-866-686-1844 , fax us your order at Toll free fax 1-866-499-9559 or you can email us your order at

Thanks for buying from us ,we appreciate your business.